Top 10 Best Nail Polish Colors – Try Hottest Nail Color Patterns

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Colors – Try Hottest Nail Color Patterns

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Top 10 Best Nail Polish Colors

Top 10 Best Nail Polish ColorsTop 10 Best Nail Polish ColorsHave you ever wondered about the nail polish colors that you use? When it comes to nail polishes, most women tend to blindly pickup any shade whether it suits them or not. Each season brings new nail polish colors and patterns. Nowadays there are different nail polish colors are available in the market. Although there are color trends each season, it does not necessarily mean that you must conform to them. Certain colors such as reds, pinks, and nudes are pretty much trendy all year round. Here are a few Hottest Nail Color Patterns worth trying out this season.

A wide range of shades from light to bright and bold ones are available. We’ve enlisted some wonderful nail polish colours for your nails in the below part of this page. This article will put forward Top 10 Best Nail Polish Colors you may use.

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Colors

  1. On The Edge by Orly

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Colors

Bright royal blue nails were everywhere on the autumn /winter runaways. You can also pair this shade with a same colour dress. Whether you go for classic cobalt or bright cerulean, blue will be popular in 2016. This royal blue colour is the best when it comes to nail polish colors for winter. Try a deep, midnight blue on your nails for a dark and mysterious manicure this season. It’s a great substitute to basic black.

  1. OPI Chic

OPI ChicPink is the colour which is admired and liked by all. Pink color always stays in trend with a long range of its shade including dark and light shades. This sober and sweet pink color is the best choice when you want to give some simple look to your nails after trying lots of dark shades. Not only it looks eye catching and decent, it looks well in both summer and winter season. If you want a nice pink colour for your nails, then you must try this out.

  1. Treble Maker from China Glaze

Treble Maker from China Glaze

Here is a fluorescent minty green color from the China Glaze Electric Nights collection 2016. There are lots of bright and glitter shades in minty green color. You can apply two coats of this nail polish to get perfect finish. These color are always a popular choice for the colder months and will look suitably festive as Christmas approaches.

  1. Zoya Kennedy

Zoya Kennedy

If you want just a hint of colour on your nails or want a break from bold shades, this is the polish to go for. Kennedy is a peach-pink colour with a touch of grey in a cream finish. It’s the ideal color for everyday work wear and gives you a professional look. It requires three coats. It’s darker and edgier than your pale grey shades but still light enough to be worn as a neutral.

  1. On Pinks and Needles by OPI

On Pinks and Needles by OPI

On Pinks and Needles is a hexagon glitter top coat of hot pink color. There are several different sizes of hexagon glitters in it. They look simply amazing when applied on a contrast color base. It gives full coverage and smooth application. The formula is good enough that one coat gives perfect look. This top up shade is released in the 2016 Brights collection of OPI.

  1. I Just Can’t Cope-acabana by OPI:

I Just Can't Cope-acabana by OPI

It is a real yellow cream shade. I really like this yellow shade that perfectly goes with sunny summers. It is a bright yellow color at the same time with a pastel finish. The formula is great, but I have seen few lines in the first coat. Anyhow, it looks perfect in two coats.

  1. I Stop for Red by OPI

I Stop for Red by OPI

The most popular red hue nail polish for 2016 is by OPI, I Stop for Red. Alike pink, red is another color that always stays on trend, whether it is hot summer or it is chilling winters. The Red nail polish will always add charm to your looks. So, it is a must shade to add in your collection. It’s perfect if you love bright colored nail polish. It is An ideal shade to wear to any formal event or party. Best of all, it goes with almost all outfits. You must try this one out.

  1. Essie Perennial Chic

Essie Perennial Chic

Any nail polish collection is incomplete without some beige or cream color. Obviously, we need change to bright colors. From the long list of beige hues, I have selected “Perennial Chic” from the latest spring collection 2016 by Essie. This color will always be a must-have, no matter what the season. It’s a universally flattering shade that has a slight shimmer, so it picks up the colors in your skin, creating the perfect nude just for you. This would work fantastic for any skin tone.

  1. My Way or the Highway by China Glaze

My Way or the Highway by China Glaze

China Glaze always has provided with a unique range of nail paints. It is even more green and brighter than its previous two shades, namely, Aqua Baby and Wait N’ Sea. If you are a fan of metallic colours, then you must try this colour from China Glaze. It gives you the perfect metallic silver finish for your nails. My Way or the Highway has a jelly formula that looks while applying the first coat, but gives full coverage on the second coat application.

  1. OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked

OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked

It’s a gorgeous light orange creamy shade from the latest OPI Hawaii Collection 2016. I have seen several orange colors, but its amazing with no match. It has really good opacity that will be flattering on most of the skin tones. It is a totally pretty shade to get your nails in the spotlight. Two coats of this shade are enough to give a perfect look and is definitely a lovely choice of the nail polish shades for fair skin.

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Hope you liked our choices of Top 10 Best Nail Polish Colors along with my recommendations for the best colors of the season.

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