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Public Holidays In India

Public Holidays In IndiaPublic holiday are the right of each and every citizen whether it is Indian or of any other country.  So in this page we are providing Public Holidays In India 2017 revised list which will help you in making your holiday planning easy. It is a part of the National Employment Standards (NES) which is our right.

In Uttar Pradesh, there are 42 public holidays of which at least 17 are related to the birth anniversaries of eminent personalities. Now Chief Minister Yogi of Uttar Pradesh has scrapped the 15 public holidays in educational institutions. On these days all educational institutions will organize a workshop and make students aware about these eminent personalities.

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Top 10 Toughest Exams In The World

Top 10 Toughest Exams In The WorldExaminations have always scared the hell out of students. Life could be so much fun without exams and why my exams are the toughest? If these are your concern too then have a look on Top 10 Toughest Exams IN THE World and the most difficult professional exams.

Exams are the bitter truth of life as they did not leave us for a long time. At the early age we are introduced to the exams. First college exams, then entrance, college/universities exams, interview and job exams and once more exams if you’re reaching to switch onto another job.

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Flipkart Apple Day Sale

Flipkart Apple Day SaleFlipkart Apple Day Sale 2017 is back and this time flipkart is giving more discount and offers than ever. Under this sale you can buy apple iPhone 7 (256/128/32) GB on discount of Rs 20,000.  The apple day sale will go on from 24th April-26th April 2017.

This sale does not only cover the apple iphones but also the other products by apple like its iPad, Mac Books, iPod, apple watch and accessories.

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Top 10 Most Famous Churches in India

Top 10 Most Famous Churches in IndiaChristianity is 3rd largest religion in India with approximately 27.8 million followers. If you want to spent your Christmas on the best Indian religious site then feast your eyes on these Top 10 Most Famous Churches in India. These are the most popular and also churches in India. You can plan your trip to these churches and sip a wine with the taste of history and mind-blowing architecture.

Christianity was established way back in 6th Century AD in India and now holds a majority of the third largest religion after Hinduism and Islam. As the religion flourished over the years many beautiful churches were also built.

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BSNL 333 Plan Details

To counter Reliance Jio many’ telecommunication companies are slashing the prices of their plans and packs. In race BSNL also entered by launching the BSNL 333 Plan. BSNL 333 Plan details and all you need to know about this newly launched plan has been shared here on this page.

This is said to be the cheapest data plan by BSNL upto now. BSNL launched 270 GB for Rs 333 plan along with the three other big discounted plans. BSNL entered this race after the Bharti Airtel and Idea cellular, but the entry of BSNL in this price slashing and more offerings challenge is surely going to make other competitors to think twice.

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Best Bodybuilders In India

Best Bodybuilders in IndiaThe plethora of bodybuilding is on the go in India and many of our athletes are making India proud by winning medals in international events. To make you all familiar with them we have made a list of Best Bodybuilders In India which also includes Champions of Mr India Bodybuilding. This sport is apart from all other sports like cricket and badminton.

The training for bodybuilding is quite intense and needs years of hard work. These top list of bodybuilders have worked really hard hard to gain that aim physique and reach that level.

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Vivo Jio Cricket Mania Data Offer

Vivo Jio Cricket Mania Data OfferThe data is raining and with the each passing days new offers are announced by reliance Jio. This time reliance Jio in collaboration with the mobile phone manufacturing company has launched Vivo Jio Cricket Mania Data Offer. Under this offer user can get upto 168 GB of free internet on the top of existing pack availed by the user.

To avail the Vivo Jio Cricket Mania Data Offer user must have a Vivo Smartphone and a Reliance Jio sim in it. And you are ready to roll out for the Vivo Jio Cricket Offer. You just need to select your favorite team and sent the message by your Jio number.

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Necessary Tech Gadgets For Every College Student

Necessary Tech Gadgets For Every College StudentWith the admission process on stride, students have to gear up for their new college life ahead. While buying clothes and other necessities for your college or hostel there are some Necessary Tech Gadgets For Every College Student too that will help in making your college life much smooth.

We have compiled up a must have list of cool gadgets for every hostel student and college students. The gadgets included in the list will surely make your work done. Students look for the cheapest alternative to get the work done.

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Top 10 Best Gyms in India

Top 10 Best Gyms in IndiaIn this generation of beauty and madness the Indian populace is moving towards Health clubs and Gyms. To achieve your body image goal you need a perfect gym, trainer and equipment’s. Top 10 Best Gyms in India is the topic with which we come up today for all the Gym Rats who have been looking out for the perfect Gym to achieve the body image goal or want to be fit.

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Disgusting Things About India

Disgusting Things About IndiaYou must be asking yourself question that Mera Bharat Is Mahaan but still why it lacks behind in comparison to other countries? It’s just because of ignorance of disgusting things about India and weirdest things that you do and still take it for granted. These small-small things if are revised and rectified by us it will create some biggest changes ever. To make you aware about unknown facts about India that you should know our team has published this page.