Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans Tariff/Internet Offer, SMS-Talktime Recharge

Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans Tariff/Internet Offer, SMS-Talktime Recharge

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Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans

Airtel Prepaid Punjab PlansFrom this page, you can get all latest information of Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans for November. This page contains whole information of Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans such as Tariff Plans, SMS packs, Internet Packs, full talk time recharge etc which is offered by the Airtel Company for Punjab prepaid users. So, all customers belonging to Punjab state, can select the best suitable plan from the below segment of this page which meets your requirements.  Company gives you best special recharge, Tariff Vouchers, Internet Pack, SMS packs and others vouchers which we have given on this single page for your benefit. So, Airtel Prepaid Users keep their mobile charged up with collection of Recharge Vouchers which suits your usage pattern.

Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans

Airtel 2G Data Recharge

150 MB5 Days37
185 MB6 Days45
150 MB14 Days122
1GB 2G28 Days175
1GB 2G28 Days179
1.25 GB28 Days198
1.25 GB + UL FUP 2G Internet28 Days203
2 GB 2G Unlimited Internet28 Days246
2 GB + UL FUP 2G Internet28 Days254
2GB 2G56 Days304
2GB 2G90 Days396


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Airtel 3G/4G Data Recharge

DescriptionValidity (Days)Amount
300 MB1195
250 MB28104
1GB Night 3G (12am-6am)28 Nights127
400 MB28159
450 MB28177
400 MB 3G Day & night + 400mb night ( 12AM – 6AM)28185
500 MB28208
1 GB25247
1 GB28253
1 GB 4G28255
1 GB 3G internet28256
Rs 150 TT+ 300 MB 3G internet28258
1Gb 3G internet + wynk plus28265
1.20 GB 3G Internet28295
1GB Days + 1GB Night28298
1.25 GB 3G Internet28303
1.25 Gb 3G internet + wynk plus28309
1.5 Gb 3G internet28347
1.6 GB 3G internet28375
1.75 Gb 3G28395
2 GB 3G25449
2 GB 3G28454
2 GB 4G30455
2.25 GB 3G28495
2GB 3G day & night + 2GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)28545
3 GB 3G internet28648
3 GB 4G for 30 days at Rs 65530655
3.5 GB 3G internet + UL FUP28699
4 GB 4G with Unlimited Data. Post 4 GB unlimited @ 128 kbps30755
3GB 3G day & night + 3GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)28798
5 GB 3G UL FUP28849
4GB 3G day & night + 4GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)28946
5GB 3G day & night + 5GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)281097
3GB 3G Data + UL A2A Local calls + UL Music + 5 EROS movies+100SMS daily281098
1099 – 8 GB 3G 3G UL FUP for 28 Days281099
6GB 3G day & night + 6GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)281244
10 GB 3G UL FUP281349
5GB 3G Data + UL Local calls + UL Music & Movies+100SMS daily281749
10GB 3G day & night +10GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)281848
10 GB 3G internet + UL FUP281998
1998 – 12 GB 3G for 90 Days901998
7GB 3G+Unltd Loc,STD,Roam calls,Fixedline,Music,Movie+100SMS daily282249
2499 – 20 GB 3G UL FUP for 28 Days282499
15 GB 3G internet + UL FUP282998
15GB 3G+Unltd Loc,STD,Roam calls,Fixedline,Music,Movie+100SMS daily283249
20GB 3G day & night + 20GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)283345
20 GB 3G internet + UL FUP283499


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Airtel Full Talktime Recharge

Full Talktime in DA for 10 days + 5 local a2a night sms for 2 days115
Rs. 390390
Rs. 500500
Rs. 649 Full Talktime649
Rs. 10501000
Rs. 15001500
Rs. 32003000
Rs. 52505000


Airtel International Roaming Recharge (Applicable only on selected countries and Operators)

International Roaming pack with Rs.779 full Talktime.
Outgoing Rs 40/min and Incoming Rs 30/min.
7 Days779
International Roaming pack with Rs.1479 full Talktime
Outgoing Rs 30/min and Incoming Rs 20/min.
15 Days1479


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Airtel National Roaming Pack For Prepaid

Roaming Tariff – Incoming calls @ 10p/min
Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
1 Days4
Roaming Tariff – Incoming Free
Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
30 Days26
55 Mins of roaming (IC+OG)30 Days43
Roaming Tariff – Incoming Free
Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
90 Days76
Roaming Tariff – Incoming Free
Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
90 Days181
Roaming Tariff – Incoming Free
Outgoing local @ 80p/min,
STD @1.15Rs/min with Talktime 120 in main A/c
28 Days188
Roaming Tariff – Incoming Free
Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
180 Days244
FTT 306 with Roaming Tariff – Incoming Free
Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
28 Days306


Special Recharge – STV: Combo

All Local + National Calls @ 1 Paisa / Sec5 Days5
All Calls @ 2p/Sec1 Day7
All Calls @ 2p/Sec1 Day8
All Calls @ 2p/Sec1 Day9
Unlimited STD A2A calls (Timing 12am:6am)1 Day12
Local -1.2p/Sec, STD 1.4p/2Sec30 Days13
All Calls @ 2p/Sec1 Day14
250 Local A2A Night Minute28 Days16
All Mobile Calls 1.6p/sec1 Day17
60 Local A2A Min1 Days18
All Mobile Calls 1.6p/sec1 Day19
STD mobile @ 35p , 5 Days5 Days21
30 MB 2G/3G/4G internetLifetime22
70 MB 3G internet3 Days23
Local A2A @ 25p/Min7 Days24
100 MB 2G internet4 Days25
325 Local+STD SMS28 Days27
Talktime Rs. 21.45 in main account and 2 night A2A SMS for 2 daysUnlimited28
All Calls @ 1.6p/ sec1 Days29
Local @ 1p/Sec28 Days31
100 MB 3G internet4 Days32
US,Canada,Singapore,UK-Fixed line @1.99/m28 Days33
Talktime Rs. 28.58 in main account and 2 night A2A SMS for 1 dayUnlimited36
115 Local A2A Min3 Days38
All Calls 1.6p/sec1 Day39
170 MB 2G internet6 Days41
3000 L+N Sec6 Days42
130 MB 3G internet5 Days44
Local @ 1p/Sec56 Days46
STD @ 35p/Min28 Days48
150 Local A2A Min4 Days51
75 MB 2G/3G/4G internetLifetime52
1GB Night 3G (12am-6am)1 Night53
85 Local Minutes7 Days54
Full Talktime in DA for 4 days + 5 A2A SMS for 2 days4 Days55
First 2 Local Min @ 2p/sec of the day then Local @ 30p/Min28 Days56
Call US/Canada @ 1.2p/sec for 1st 27000 Seconds click here28 Days58
4200 L+N Sec7 Days59
First 2 Local A2A Min of Day @ 2paisa/Sec then Local A2A Calls @20p/Min for 28 Days28 Days61
STD @ 35p/Min35 Days62
Local @ 40p/Min28 Days63
190 Local A2A Min5 Days64
Local @ 1.6p/2sec28 Days65
First 2 Local+STD min @ 1.5p/Sec then Loca+STD @ 40p/Min28 Days66
Local+STD @ 45p/Min28 Days67
Local @ 1.4paisa/2Sec21 Days69
Local+STD Calls @ 1.8p/2sec28 Days71
290 MB 2G internet10 Days72
110 MB 2G/3G/4G internetLifetime73
All Calls @ 1p/Sec14 Days75
Local A2A @ 1p/2sec28 Days77
215 Local A2A Min7 Days78
Local A2A @ 25p/Min28 Days81
11500 Local A2A Seconds7 Days82
Local+STD @ 40p/Min28 Days83
Local @ 35p/Min28 Days84
Local + STD @ 1.6p/2sec28 Days86
1GB 3G/4G2 Days91
Local 1.2p/2sec28 Days92
Local @ 30p/Min28 Days93
250 Local A2A Minutes7 Day94
7500 L+N Seconds14 Days96
170 Local Min14 Days97
400 MB 2G internet14 Days98
Local A2A @ 20p/Min28 Days101
Local A2A @ 1.2p/3sec28 Days103
9500 Local Seconds14 Days108
Local A2A @ 1.2p/4 sec till 15000 A2A sec then 1p/2 sec28 Days109
1200 Local + National SMS84 Days112
475 MB 2G Internet16 Days116
335 Local A2A Min10 Days117
Local A2A 15p/Min till 500 min then 20p/min28 Days119
380MB 3G internet14 Days123
375 MB 3G internet14 Days124
500 MB 2G internet18 Days125
All Calls @ 2p/Sec & LL @ 2.5p/Sec180 Days136
All Calls @ 1.6p/ sec & LL @ 2.5p/Sec180 Days137
360 Local Airtel to Airtel Minutes14 Days139
450 MB 3G internet16 Days147
Local A2A @ 25p/Min56 Days151
600 MB 2G internet22 Days155
500 MB 3G internet18 Days165
1 GB 2G internet25 Days176
580 MB 3G internet21 Days192
600 MB 3G internet22 Days195
18000 L+N Sec28 Days197
435 Local A2A Min28 Days199
415 Local Min28 Days201
1.25 GB 2G internet25 Days204
23000 Local A2A Seconds28 Days205
610 Local A2A Min28 Days239
2 GB 2G internet25 Days242
1Gb 3G internet25 Days243
Unlimited Local A2A Calls3 Days248
550 Local Min28 Days249
30000 Local Seconds28 Days269
3GB 2G internet25 Days291
1.2 Gb 3G internet25 Days292
860 Local A2A Min28 Days296
28000 L+N Sec28 Days297
660 Local Min28 Days299
1.25 Gb 3G internet25 Days307
1.5 Gb 3G internet25 Days346
760 Local Min28 Days348
Unlimited Local A2A Calls10 Days349
1.75 Gb 3G internet25 Days392
2 GB 3G internet25 Days453
2.25 GB 3G internet25 Days494
Unlimited Local A2A Mobile & 1GB 3G/4G Data28 Days599
3 GB 3G internet25 Days646
4 GB 3G UL FUP28 Days749
3.3 GB 3G internet25 Days752
Unlimited Local+STD A2A Mobile & 1GB 3G/4G Data28 Days797
3.75 GB 3G internet25 Days848
Unlimited Local Mobile & 1GB 3G/4G Data28 Days897
6 GB 3G UL FUP28 Days955
9 GB 3G UL FUP28 Days1249
15 GB 3G UL FUP28 Days1849
25 GB + UL FUP28 Days2998
30 GB + UL FUP28 Days3499


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Airtel Topup Plans In Punjab

Rs. 7.7310
Rs. 15.4720
Rs. 23.2030
Rs. 31.9340
Rs. 40.6750
Rs. 49.460
Rs. 58.1470
Rs. 66.8780
Rs. 75.690
Rs. 84.34100
Rs. 171.67200
Rs. 215.34250
Rs. 345350
Rs 21002000


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Airtel Internet Recharge Voucher For Prepaid Customers

Rs 7.910
Rs 1515
Rs 15.820
Rs 2525
Rs 23.730
Rs 32.640
Rs 41.5 70 min50
Rs 50.460
Rs 59.3070
Rs 68.2080
Rs 77.190
Rs 77.9991
Rs 86 70100
Rs 94.90110
Rs 112.7130
Rs 121.6140
Rs 130.5150
Rs 139.4160
Rs 148.3170
Rs 157.2180
Rs 166.1190
Rs 175200
Rs 192.8220
Rs 219.5250
Rs 246.2280
Rs 264300
Rs 350350
Rs 356400
Rs 500500
Rs 649649
Rs 10001000
Rs 14991499
Rs 15001500
Rs 30003000
Rs 70007000


Airtel is Indian multinational telecommunications Services Company and it was come into existence on 7th July 1995. This company is one of the largest mobile operators in world in terms of subscriber base and has business presence in 20 countries. Airtel Company offers 2 types of Enterprise business solutions out of which One is GPRS Based Solutions such as mobile applications tools for enterprise, Track Mate, automatic meter reading solutions etc and other is SMS Based Solutions such as interactive SMS, bulk SMS, inbound call center solutions.

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In the above section of this page, we have listed best Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans for the easiness of customers who is belonging to Punjab State. So, customers who are in search of Best Airtel Prepaid Plans of Punjab zone can check the above section of this page. Visitors, if you have any doubt related to Airtel Prepaid Punjab Plans then you can ask from us without any hesitation in below commenting section of this page. Airtel Prepaid Customers belonging to different states can also acquire latest information of Airtel prepaid plans from our web portal.

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